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Ready-Mix Producers

Making color easy and affordable for Ready Mix Producers.

Ready Mix Producers are the backbone of the concrete industry. That is why we worked so specifically on making the Chromogen Color System the easiest and most affordable system for Ready Mix Producers. The inventory system, using the 25lb, 5lb and 1lb bags, were designed so that no matter what the mix design, you are not required to look over existing stock and special order custom sized bags, that can only be used for one project. Many of you have left over color in your storage areas that is unusable due to this issue. Never again with Chromogen.

We also looked at packaging and stepped into the future with our PVA bags. Sealed and relatively dust free, these PVA bags are removed from the protective outer paper bag and placed directly in the mixer and not all over your drivers uniforms. In the past, when dealing with dissolving paper bags, the truck had to run on high speed for a very long time, just to break up and re-pulp the paper sometimes leaving large pieces of bag in the concrete after being poured. The revolutionary PVA bags dissolve in under a minute when added to the truck, allowing for much faster mixing and more consistent colored concrete. We also use no fillers which can cause incompatibility issues with other add-mixtures. Chaotic Pigments and the Chromogen Color LIne, the clear choice for Ready Mix Producers.


Working with architects to help educate and build the decorative concrete industry is a passion for us at Chaotic Pigments.

Colored and decorative concrete is one of the most versatile yet under-used Green building products available. By integrating color and texture into one of the most durable building materials on the market, Architects can be assured of a sustainable product and feel free to express their creativity. With a new greener world being build around us, colored and textures concrete is the obvious choice. Interior colored concrete floors emit no dangerous toxins, are easy to maintain and last through the entire lifecycle of the project. Concrete can be colored, stained, stamped or ground and polished, reducing the need for other materials. The use of architectural colored concrete also provides buildings with thermal mass, which contributes to energy efficiency.

Exterior concrete hardscapes can reflect more sunlight and help to cool the atmosphere. Colors with high SRI values help reduce the urban heat island effect by reducing surface temperatures. This reduction has secondary benefits including decreased energy consumption.

Chaotic is committed to educating the architects, designers and engineers creating the projects that will shape or future. Contact us today to receive architectural specification hardcopies or to learn more about how Chaotic can help you with your next project.

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Designed by Contractors for Contractors.

We at Chaotic come from a background of concrete contractors. What do you really want in color? First is affordability. Chaotic pigments are the most cost effective solution in the market today for you, the contractor. Distributed by Concrete and Building Supply Houses and selected Ready Mix Producers, we are striving to make Chromogen color available to you, by finding a stocking distributor in each and every market. By avoiding the use of inert fillers or weak natural pigments, we can offer you the strongest color system available. What does that mean to you? You use 30-60% less pigment to achieve your desired color.

Second is consistency. By eliminating filler and/or natural pigments, you achieve clean, rich consistent color, when all other materials are kept consistent, pour after pour. Third is versatility. Custom dosing is easy with our system. By using the 25lb, 5lb and 1lb bag system, contractors can "tweak" their color for each job. This protects your work and makes it unique. You are not limited to the exact colors on the chart and you can feel free to create your personal hues and shades, setting your work apart from the competition. Chaotic Pigments Chromogen Color System, designed for contractors, by contractors.