Chromogen™ Integral Color The leading and most innovative brand of concrete admixture coloring

The Chromogen™ Integral Color System is a premium line of concrete admixtures created and designed by Chaotic Pigments.
Designed with the decorative concrete professionals in mind, Chromogen™ Integral Color offers the strongest and most vibrant color line available. We have listened to ready-mix producers and distributors from around the world to design a true system that offers one of the largest range of color selection in the decorative concrete industry. Innovations such as our 100% dust free PVA packaging means no mess and clean handling. Additionally, our unique dosing system allows standard products to be used for any concrete mix design while providing redi-mix producers, distributors and installers a distinct advantage when stocking or using color. This allows for clean, waste free inventory for redi-mix producers and distributors.

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Features of the Chromogen™ System

Get perfect color every time!
Using the Chromogen™ Integral Color System, you'll get the perfect color every time when coloring ready mixed or precast concrete. Made with the purest synthetic oxide pigments, Chromogen™ Integral Color is the best choice for professional users. Economical, consistent color, no matter the application or mix design.

Unique Packaging for clean and simple application.
Our unique packaging completely eliminates waste typically associated with powedered color pigments. Chromogen pigments are supplied standard in our cold-water soluble Aquasac bags. Our Aquasac bags are made from the highest quality soluble film and they are the only universal packaging recommended for all concrete mix designs and finishes. Aquasac bags are ideal for even the most demanding concrete finishes including exposed, etched, honed, and polished finishes.
Flexible to meet the needs of any sized job.
We package Chromogen in the most popular sizes for effortless addition rates and mixing. With sizes availible in 1 lb, 5 lb, and 25 lb Aquasac bags, and availible in bulk "supersacks" upon special request, Chromogen is availible to fit the needs of any sized job, big or small. Furthermore, users can effortlessly create custom shades by raising or lowering pigment to cement ratio.

Benefits of Chromogen™

  • Manufactured to rigid specifications by Chaotic Pigments from pure synthetic pigment oxides specifically for the building and construction industry.

  • Available in 48 standard colors using 12 unique pigment formulations for one of the widest range of standard color selection in the industry. Custom colors and color matching are also available.

  • UV and Alkali stable, non-fading, weather resistant, and insoluble in water. Truecolor pigments easily and throughly disperse in water.

  • Packaging is designed to be safer to the user by reducing lift weights, reducing handling requirements, and eliminating dust exposure.

  • Manufactured under a strict quality control regime by an ISO9001:2000 quality accredited company. Reliable pigment color: batch to batch, day to day, and year to year.

  • Does not contain pigments or ingredients considered unsuitable for use in concrete and cementitous applications.

  • Unparalleled technical support and customer service.

Ordering Chromogen™

Are you interested in using Chromogen Color for your concrete coloring needs? To find out where to buy Chromogen Color for use in your next project, please contact our customer service department for information on a distributor in your area.

We are also looking for new distributers in many cities across the country. If you are interested in distributing our product, please contact our customer service department.

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The Chromogen™ Colors

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