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We are Chaotic Pigments

We manufacture the best integral coloring concrete admixture in the industry and are the leading supplier and importer of pigment in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. With our volume, we have the flexibility to be overly cost competitive everywhere. We use only the highest quality raw materials availible while keeping pricing low. Our custom services include custom colors and packaging. Chaotic Pigments sets the standard for high quality service and products. We constantly develop new methods and products to bring you the absolute best product in the industry. Our products and service are unmatched and we think you will agree that we are the best in the industry!

Highest Quality is our Standard

We use only the strongest synthetic iron oxides available in the world today with zero filler. Some companies use calcium carbonate to increase the weight requirements of their products, with some of their colors containing over 50% filler. They increase weight required to achieve their represented color with a product that cost less than 10% of the cost of pigment. Other companies use low cost natural pigments as a filler for their color. Why pay for something you do not need?

Typically you purchase a color that is represented as a 4% addition rate color, when in reality you could achieve the color with a 2.5-3% addition rate from our synthetic products. Synthetic pigments are 100% UV stable and will not fade.

Supplying the Industry

We are the leading supplier of concrete admixtures to ready mix producers and concrete supply houses. Ready mix producers love our coloring system since it allows them to enhance and expand their product lineup, ultimately bringing in more business. Expand your market to meet the growing needs of many decorative concrete contractors and architects for colored concrete. We also offer custom colors and packaging to further meet the needs of you and your customers.

We are always looking for new distributers and there are still great distribution opportunities for our product in many regions and cities across the country. If you are interested in a distributing our products, please contact our customer service by calling 1-479-270-4787, or sending an inquiry to

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Our Mission
Virtually every building material is chosen based on color, so why not concrete? Our goal here at Chaotic Pigments is to make colored concrete the norm. We are dedicated to bringing you the best pricing in the industry. With no minimum order fees, same day shipping, and custom services we set the service standard in our industry.