• Affordability

    Powdered integral color is much more affordable than liquid color. Combined with low shipping costs and our high volume, Chaotic Pigments is an industry leader that can meet your needs at a fraction of the cost of our competitors!

  • Variety

    Our 12 base colors offer a variety of 48 unique custom colors designed by Chaotic Pigments. Want something completely unique? We offer custom colors to all our customers at no additional cost, with low minimum order size.

  • Versatility

    Our versatile dosing system ensures our product never goes to waste. With 5 standard sizes specifically deisgned to meet the needs of any sized job, they also ensure existing inventory will work with any design, big or small.

  • Clean & Green

    Our unique PVA packaging is 100% water-soluable, instead of conventional repulpable bags that can leave traces in your concrete. This means no mess and no trash. Our Aquasac™ bags are shipped in 100% recyclable paper bags.


Welcome to Chaotic Pigments!Affordable Powdered Integral Color without the Mess

The industry's most aggressive pricing and highest levels of quality, purity and cleanliness. Why? Because we can!

Chaotic Pigments is the leading supplier and importer of pigment in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. With our volume, we have the flexibility to be overly cost competitive everywhere.

Virtually every building material is chosen based on color, so why not concrete? Our goal here at Chaotic Pigments is to make colored concrete and specifically YOUR desired color of concrete the norm.

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